Impressive Selection for any Occasion

Breakfast Menu

  • $7.95Scrambled Eggs with Broccolli- soft scrambled eggs, broccoli, cheese with ham or sausage or bacon, and hash brown included.
  • $7.95Two Eggs Any Style—two eggs with smoked bacon or black forest ham or sausage, and hash brown included.
  • $8.95spinach cheese omelette—two eggs omelet with homemade exclusive verde sauce and cheese and hash brown included
  • $8.95Fresh Vegetable Omlet—two eggs omlet, freshvegetables and cheese and hash brown
  • $6.95Healthy Cup—flavored yogurt with granola,mixed nuts and berries
  • $6.95Fresh Fruit Cup—mixed fresh season fruits
  • $7.75Quiche—freshly baked with our family recipe Bacon or ham or vegetable

Famous & Specialit Breakfast

  • $10.95Eggs Benedict—Black Forrest Ham, two poached eggs topped with our hollandaise sauce and hash brown on side.
  • $11.95Eggs Florentine—two fresh poached eggs, Amoresexclusiceverde sauce and ham topped with our hollandaise sauce on English muffins with hash brown on side
  • $7.95Belgian Waffle—(served until 10:30 am weekdays and 12:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays)-crisp Belgian waffle served with syrup and blue berry topping
  • $9.95Belgian waffle combo—(served until 10:30 am weekdays and 12:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays) crisp waffle served with syrup and berry topping with 2 eggs any style and bacon or ham or sausage


  • $9.95Crystal Salad—fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes, shrimp tossed with champagne vinaigrette and gorgonzola cheese
  • $7.95Ceaser Salad—romaine lettuce mixed with homemade dressing, topped with parmesan cheese and croutons (add chicken 2.95$, shrimp or salmon $4.50)
  • $6.95Garden Salad—tossed with cranberries, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and amore vinaigrette dressing(add chicken 2.95$, shrimp or salmon $4.50)
  • $8.95Salad Combo—choose upto three salads from our famous showcase selection

Healthy fresh soups

  • Cup $4.95 Bowl $5.95Clam chowder
  • Cup $4.50 Bowl $4.95Soup of the day


  • $4.50Garlic Bread—garlic, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and spices
  • $4.50Baked garlic—spreadable baked garlic in olive oil topped with melted cheese, served with slices of bread

Hot Entree

  • $9.95Gyros Platter- lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and our tzatziki sauce with pitta bread
  • $11.95Beef tenderloin kabob- tenderloin of beef, skewered and marinated in our special sauce, served with lettuce salad
  • $9.95Chicken kabob—boneless skinless all white breast of chicken marinated in saffron sauce, skewered and charboiled to perfection served with lettuce salad
  • $10.95Pork Tenderloin Kabob—tenderloin of pork, skewered charboiled and glazed with pomegranate sauce,served with lettuce salad
  • $8.95Lasagna—freshly baked famous amores lasagna with our exlusive bolognaise sauce

Hot Sandwiches

  • $8.99Amore Burger- our special lean gourmet hamburger patty stuffed with onion, mushroom, bell pepper and mozzarella on hamburger bun served with tomato lettuce and side of salad
  • $8.95Spinach Ham, Turkey or Pastrami – homemade verde sauce with choice of meat and swiss cheese
  • $8.95Club sandwich—ham turkey bacon and cheese
  • $7.95Vegetarian Baked eggplant—tomato baked onion and cheese
  • $7.95Pastrami and Cheese- angus beef tri tip marinated topped
  • $8.95Portabella Burger—the best creativity of our chef, you will love this vegetable burger with marinated and grilled portabella served with tomato, cheese and side of salad

Cold Sandwiches

    Served with lettuce, tomato, cheese and amore special spread on fresh homemade bread
  • Homemade tuna or chicken salad
  • Golden seasoned smoked turkey and cheese
  • Vegetarian cucumber, tomato, sprouts, onion, avocado and cheese
  • Bacon lettuce tomato and avocado on our special spread
  • ALL for 7.95$(cold sandwiches)

Lunch Combos

  • $7.95½ cold sandwich with ½ salad from our daily showcase
  • ½ cold sandwich with cup of soup($7.95) or clam chowder($8.95)
  • ½ salad from daily showcase with cup of soup (7.95$) or clam chowder($8.95)